October 26-28, 2018 | Pasadena, CA

13 Hardwired Expectations Every Reader Has for Every Story and How to Meet Them

We’re hardwired to come to every story tacitly asking one question: what am I going to learn that will help me make it through the night? We’re looking for inside intel on how to best navigate the unpredictable, scary, beautiful world we live in. We’re hungry for insight into what people do when push comes to shove and, most importantly, why. As a result, there’s a set of specific expectations by which we unconsciously evaluate every story — expectations that have nothing to do with the surface plot or how beautifully the novel is written. By decoding our hardwired expectations and how to meet them—which is precisely what we’ll do in this session – you’ll walk away with inside intel that will enable you to create a novel that will rivet readers from the very first sentence.