October 26-28, 2018 | Pasadena, CA

A Structural Perspective on Story Development

There is a wide breadth of response among writers when they hear the word “structure.” Some view it as a limitation (and thus, they reject it) while others understand it to be more like a playing field upon which there are lines and principles, but no rules. The deeper truth is that there are two levels of structure, one embracing the popular notion of a three-act or four-part linear flow, the other (rarely spoken but always omnipresent… it is like gravity in this regard) viewing story sequence through the lens of context and subtext, thus imparting a deeper guideline for the unfolding of a dramatic arc. This workshop will break these principles down into their applicable parts, allowing authors to seize the power of narrative flow without feeling constrained, including a perspective on the ultimate secret to making structure work for you, in any genre.