Susan Finesman

Literary Agent

Susan Finesman began scouting books, plays and narrative non-fiction for Tri-Star Pictures in 1986. Five years later, she moved on to SAVOY Pictures followed by a long and award winning stint at HOME BOX OFFICE where highlights included an Emmy for Ernest Gaines’ A LESSON BEFORE DYING. Learning how to find new stories and adapt them for the screen gave her a slightly different perspective on how to sell books to publishers. In 2010, she decided to build a seat of her own, introducing great writers first to publishers and then, not as an afterthought but as part of a coordinated plan, pursue film, TV and internet opportunities. She continues to be interested in all kinds of books but tend to be compelled by work that features characters that she cannot shake. She challenges authors to make her laugh or cry and you will have certainly won her over by doing both. She loves the twists and turns of a great page-turner, can be seduced by a truly honest memoir and is delighted when transported by historical fiction. Visit to learn more.