Mystery/Thriller Panel

Death, deduction, red herrings, and clues all factor into what makes the mystery/thriller genre so exciting. During this panel, an exciting lineup of novelists will detail exactly what defines a good mystery/thriller, what special or unique considerations the genre may require of an author, and how to write a mystery/thriller that attracts both industry pros and readers alike.

Tricks for Beating Writer's Block

Years of writing with rigid deadlines for film and TV have taught me there is no time for writer's block. I'll share my tricks for jump starting process, creative procrastination, and fulfilling your writerly commitments to yourself.

The Devil is in the Details

Knowing your characters intimately before you begin to write allows their motivations, needs and flaws to drive your narrative and creates empathy for a reader. This workshop will include a step-by-step primer for character creation and tricks about conveying character detail learned from years of writing for film.

Duel and Multi-POV Novels and How to Make Them Work

This session will explore techniques for writing in duel or multi-POV, both in first person and third person. Examples from the author’s duel POV YA novel Zero Repeat Forever will be used to demonstrate concepts such as chronology, unifying-plots, raising stakes, character development and conflict. Examples from the author’s independently published duel POV romances will also be discussed.

The End, Now What?

This one-hour session will enumerate the steps needed to take a first draft novel on a journey from page to bookstore shelves. The terms critique partner, freelance editor, beta reader, sensitivity reader, query, summary, synopsis chapter outline, pitch, sample pages, agent, publisher will all be defined with clear examples and links to relevant resources.