"Revise, revise, revise." You know that writing is rewriting, but where do you start? Rachel Funk Heller's "Master Scene Profile," a form that helps you analyze each scene in your novel. You can track your character's objective going into the scene, and track all the obstacles that she must face. You'll create a "wish list" of all the elements you want to include that may not be in the current scene, such as sensory details, plot twists, reveals, and reversals. You can track all of your objects, symbols, or if you are writing a mystery or thriller, all of the important clues that you must place in each key scene. There is also a section to track what is happening "off stage" as the current scene takes place. By analyzing each scene using the Master Scene Profile, you can perform a major developmental edit of your novel and create a complete road map that will keep you motivated during that next big revision.