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Romance, with all its varying subgenres, remains the most popular fiction genre in the United States. Thus, the competition for contracts, sales and readers is fierce. Writers who hope to succeed in the industry must know who they’re writing for. Romance fans have read the best in their genres and have high expectations. Editors and publishers know exactly what they’re looking for as well. It’s the writer’s job to live up to those standards and produce a quality product.

Success is not impossible by any means; however, writing romance is not for sissies. Romance is for disciplined, knowledgeable and resourceful writers. In this session Cheryl St. John, the award-winning author of more than 50 published romance novels, shares her belief that the techniques of good writing are learnable and that success comes not only from talent but from a commitment to learn and persevere. She covers the unique elements of deep point of view, relationship as the focus, character-driven conflict, sexual tension, pacing, voice, creative expression, dialogue, hooks, themes and happy-ever-afters. This experienced novelist will share tips and resources to help you take your romance novel to the next level.