Writing a book can be an arduous task. Getting that book published can seem even more daunting. Producing a successful book—one that actually sells more than the average 250 print copies or 560 digital copies per year—may seem down-right overwhelming and leave even the most inspired and creative writer feeling uninspired and uncreative.

It’s no wonder that of the 81 percent of Americans who say they want to write a book, only two percent ever accomplish this feat. And even less do so successfully.

It is possible to move yourself from inspiration to creation of your book. Learn how to stay inspired and creative from the moment the light bulb goes off all the way through your book release—and beyond. Find out how to put your passion and purpose to use, tap into your creativity on demand, become a high-performance writer, and embrace the many tasks that get you to your goal of successful authorship without feeling burned out, hating the process, doubting yourself and your idea, or, worse yet, giving up.