Go From Well-Told to Well-Sold!

In today’s tough marketplace, selling your work is not as easy as simply telling a good story. You have to tell a good story that you can sell in the complex, ever-changing and often perplexing modern publishing landscape. So whether you’re a new writer looking to publish for the first time, a mid-list writer hoping to break onto the bestseller lists, or a published writer wanting to move up from a small publisher to the Big Five, The Well-Sold Story Intensive is just what you need to take your writing career to the next level. With author, writing teacher, and editor-turned literary agent Paula Munier as your guide, you’ll learn the secrets to telling and selling your stories in this hands-on, interactive intensive devoted to the art and science of publishing your work.


Thursday, October 27 - The Well-Sold Story Intensive
9:00am to 9:30am Welcome: Telling and Selling StoriesPaula Munier takes you on the journey of Telling and Selling Stories
Paula Munier
9:30am to 10:25am The IdeaPart One: Tell It.  It all starts with the idea.
Paula Munier
TAKE FIVE: Your Best Premise Exercise.
In this exercise, you’ll enumerate and test your premise, to see if it’s unique and compelling enough to serve as the foundation of your story.
10:30am to 11:25am The PlotPart One: Tell It.  After you have the idea, it's time to put the "idea" into practice.
Paula Munier
TAKE FIVE: Your Three-Act Exercise
In this exercise, You’ll break down your story into three acts, evaluate its structure, and determine your plot’s strengths and weaknesses.
11:30am to 12:25pm The ExecutionPart One: Tell It.  Paula will show you how to put your idea and plot into an actual story
Paula Munier
TAKE FIVE:The Tapestry Exercise.
In this exercise, you’ll deconstruct a scene from your story, and examine the threads—present and missing—that you need to create an effective fictive tapestry.
12:30pm to 1:30pm LUNCH ON YOUR OWN
1:30pm to 2:25pm Narrative ThrustPart One: Tell It. Learn how to effectively put it all together so your scenes lead logically to the next.
Paula Munier
TAKE FIVE: The Story Question Exercise.
In this exercise, you’ll identify all of the story questions in one of your scenes—from macro to micro.
2:30pm to 3pm Sell Your WorkPart Two: Sell It. Learn the finishing touches needed to take your book to the next level and get it sold!
Paula Munier
3pm to 3:25pm Sell YourselfPart Two: Sell It. Learn how to build your tribe and not only sell your work, but also yourself at the same time.
Paula Munier
TAKE FIVE: Elevator Pitch Exercise.
In this exercise, you’ll hone your elevator pitch, just in time for the Elevator Pitch Slam.
3:30pm to 4:30pm Elevator Pitch SlamParticipants share their elevator pitches, fast, fastest!



Paula Munier, Senior Literary Agent and Content Strategist at Talcott Notch Literary Services, boasts broad experience creating and marketing exceptional content in all formats across all markets for such media giants as Disney, Gannett, Greenspun Media Group and Quayside. She began her career as a journalist, and along the way added editor, acquisitions specialist, digital content manager and publishing executive to her repertoire. She most recently served as the Director of Innovation and Acquisitions for Adams Media, where she headed up the acquisitions team responsible for creating, curating and producing both fiction and nonfiction for print, eBook, eShort, and direct-to-eBook formats. Her specialties include mystery/thriller, SF/fantasy, romance, YA, memoir, humor, pop culture, health & wellness, cooking, self-help, pop psych, New Age, inspirational, technology, science and writing. Munier is very involved with the mystery community, having served four terms as President of the New England chapter of Mystery Writers of America as well as on the MWA board. (She’s currently VP of that organization.) Munier has also served as both co-chair and Agents and Editors chair on the New England Crime Bake committee for seven years and counting. And she’s an active member of Sisters in Crime. A well-published journalist, author, copywriter and ghostwriter, Munier has penned countless new stories, articles, essays, collateral and blogs. She is also the author or co-author of more than a dozen books, including Plot Perfect, Fixing Freddie, and A Miscellany of Murder.

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