October 26-28, 2018 | Pasadena, CA

Take Your Work From Good to Great: Why Hire an Editor, When You Should Do It, and What You Can Expect

Do you ever long for someone to be the Maxwell Perkins to your Hemingway? The time-tested concept of artistic mentorship has been largely squeezed out of a publishing industry hungry for the next big hit, yet the outside perspective, pointed criticism and long-term support of an editor is precisely what most writers need to write a commercially viable novel. Savvy self-publishers and writers aiming for traditional deals are breaking open this Catch-22 by hiring editors of their own. In this session, book coach company founder Jennie Nash will help you understand what an editor can do to help you improve your skills, your efficiency, and your confidence; she’ll explain the best time in the novel-writing process to work with an editor (hint: it’s probably not when you think it is); and she’ll outline what you can expect from the editorial process.