October 20 – 23, 2022

Pasadena, CA

How to Succeed in Publishing Once You are Done Writing (even if you hate the business side of publishing)

There are a few critical elements for a successful writing career that go beyond simply being a great writer. It all starts with an understanding of HOW books get chosen by publishers and agents. An understanding of the business of publishing is essential—it can make or break an author’s career. 

The business side of publishing doesn’t have to be scary or difficult, though. In this intensive workshop, Amy Collins—with her background as a chain book buyer, Director or Sales for a top publisher, and now, literary agent with Talcott Notch—will offer insights on managing your writing career as a business, and a much deeper understanding of how the publishing business works. 

Effectively marketing, selling, and promoting yourself and your work in a sustainable manner requires a solid author and proposal package, and this workshop will help you develop the materials you need to achieve both your creative and financial goals. 

  • Understand who your readers are, and where they browse and shop
  • Identify comp titles and authors in your genre/category
  • Learn what marketing and PR impresses publishers and why
  • Create an author and proposal kit DESIGNED to impress fiction agents and editors
  • Learn how to use the data you uncover in this class to get out of the slush pile

Whether you’re an introvert concerned about being too pushy and “selling out,” or a social gadfly with an established platform—you’ll end the day with an actionable, individualized plan to embrace the business side of your writing career without getting overwhelmed. 

When you finish this class you will have:

  1. A new set of tools that will help you find agents and publishers who are a better fit.
  2. A list of comp titles that will be a better fit for your project and impress agents.
  3. A DO-ABLE list of author market plans that make an impression.
  4. A set of pitch letter tips that will increase your chances of getting requests to read your pages.