October 20 – 23, 2022

Pasadena, CA

The Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference is hard at work programming the 2022 conference. We will be posting more information, speakers, and sessions on the site soon.

What It Takes to Finish a Book | Grant Faulkner

A Crash Course in Planning Your NaNoWriMo Novel—or Any Novel! | Grant Faulkner

World Building – Building a Series One Story at a Time | John Peragine

You Finished Book One – Now What? | John Peragine

Everyone Has What It Takes: Writing Fearlessly and Ending Self-Doubt | William Kenower

Failure To Launch | William Kenower

Query Review Workshop | Nathan Makaryk

Editing: What to Worry About (and What to Let Slide) | Nathan Makaryk

Pointers on Point of View | Laura DiSilverio

Mirror, Mirror: “How Beautiful Is a Writer’s Life?” | Laura DiSilverio

Demystifying Scrivener: Make Your Writing Software Work for You | April vila