As we settle back into the office and continue planning our 2018 conferences, we’re still reminiscing about the good times had at NWC17 in Pasadena.


Last-Minute Tips For Making the Most out of your Trip to the Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference!

Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference is set to kick off in just over a week, and if you’ve made the investment—of time, of money, of guts—to attend a weekend that will challenge, inspire and get you closer to a finished, published novel. 

With that in mind, we collected a few tips over the years that might be helpful. Some are insights gleaned from survey results of past attendees and others are just what we’ve learned by connecting with folks in person. Either way, you’ve got the whole wisdom of the crowd at your disposal:


A Cocktail Reception with a Ghostly Twist!

Are you worried about missing out on all the great Halloween parties while you’re at the Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference? Do not fear! You’ve been invited to our Halloween-Themed Cocktail Reception, and it’s primed to be a bewitchingly-good time!

Which of these authors has the answers you need?

At Writer’s Digest, it’s important to us that you get insight and advice from real practitioners, people who’ve walked the walk (and faced many a blank page themselves). That’s why we stack our conferences with instructors who’ve not only written, but published (traditionally or independently). They make the best instructors because they understand the unique challenges and opportunities novelists face today.


You Have Questions. Past Attendees Have Answers!

There’s no getting around it. Committing to a writing conference takes guts. And a little bit of time and an investment of money. So we understand when people might be hesitant to pull the trigger on a ticket. Everyone has questions and concerns and everyone has different writing goals. So we thought the best way to address them about the upcoming Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference would be to share some of the most common questions we hear and, instead of having us blather on, share what past attendees have had to say about the subject.


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