November 5-7, 2020
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Madelyn Burt

Stonesong Literary

Stonesong Literary

Madelyn Burt represents both adult and children’s fiction, as well as select historical nonfiction.

In fiction, adult and children’s, Madelyn is looking for mysteries, historicals, fantasies, and contemporaries. She has a soft spot for myths, legends, and fairy tales, so she is interested in updates and retellings, and she also enjoys a good quest, heist, or mission. Madelyn is drawn to stories that feature tight-knit groups and that emphasize group dynamics: families by choice, teams whose members have wildly different skill sets, friends looking after each other, enemies who are well-matched. She also loves to see distinct, relatable voices; diversity; witty (and, occasionally, not-so-witty) banter; optimism; libraries, museums, and cemeteries; well-developed world building.

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