October 20 – 23, 2022

Pasadena, CA

The 5 Ways to Publish Your Book and Find Your Audience

Every writer writes a book with the intention to publish it, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or a children’s book. However, deciding which way to publish it, understanding what it takes to actually publish it, getting your book out into the marketplace, and attracting attention and/or growing your sales can seem like a mystery of its own. In this presentation, Jennifer S. Wilkov, sought-after book consultant at Your Book Is Your Hook! and the host of the popular podcast by the same name, will show you how to master the art of publishing your book. Break through the bottlenecks to discover five ways you can publish your book and attract more readers, agents, publishers, publicists, press, and clients to your work.  

You will learn:  

  • to identify all your publishing options;
  • to understand what is required to publish each way;
  • to determine the right ways to publish your book to match your goals;
  • the secret to strategically plan when to publish each way you want to;
  • fool-proof ways to choose how you publish so you can use your book as your hook in your industry, business, organization, project, or career;
  • proven techniques to use your book to reach Hollywood film & TV producers and the media;
  • top strategies to leverage your book for various audiences, opportunities, and markets.

(Sponsored by: Your Book Is Your Hook)